October Foodie Penpals- Reveal Day

Hi! Welcome to my first blog post. I am nervous and anxious at the same time. Beyond the first post, what comes next? I have a million thoughts running through my head. Just get through the first one.

In September, while perusing the dozens of blogs I try to check on a daily or weekly basis, I came across a post about Foodie Penpals. I landed on Lindsay’s blog The Lean Green Bean who organizes the Foodie Penpals. The idea behind the program is that once a month you get paired with another blogger or reader and prepare a box of goodies to send out to them while someone else sends a box of goodies to you. How fun! Once the pairings go out, your penpal emails you to find out what food you like or dislike.

For all the official rules and more information, click the link below.

The Lean Green Bean

I was paired with Ariel. She too is a blog reader and from the east coast. Ariel was a first time participant as well, which I admit was a bit of a stress reliever for me. I was a little nervous to join the Foodie Penpals and wanted to make sure I followed all the rules. In hindsight, there really isn’t anything to worry about. It was so much fun; especially the anticipation of receiving your box and seeing what your penpal had selected for you based on your preferences.

The box I received from Ariel was awesome. She emailed me as soon as the pairings went out to ask me questions about what I like to eat, if I had an allergies and other questions about my diet. I wrote her back a lengthy email about my likes and dislikes, and it was at that moment I realized how random my tastes were. Ariel is from the east coast, and being that I grew up in Vermont, I told her all about local Vermont specialty foods I enjoy. I also told Ariel about how much I like to bake cupcakes and about the blog I was starting.

Ariel sent me so many things, and I loved them all.


She sent me a note telling me why she chose each item:

  • Sweet potato Popchips – 2 things I told Ariel I liked deliciously rolled into one.
  • Wine crackers – to eat with the hummus she sent me. This is the first time I have seen these hummus packets, and I MUST buy some for snowboard season!


  • Almond crackers – Ariel told me her family was Chinese, I told her how much I loved to get almond cookies when I used to travel to Shanghai
  • Some yummy peanut butter-filled chocolate and pumpkin spice bark
  • Maple pecan and pumpkin coffee mixes from World Market.

Lastly, (and pretty much the coolest thing ever) was the pumpkin pie cupcake kit. I really can’t wait to make these.


Ariel did a fantastic job of picking out items to perfectly fit my taste buds and baking habits.

Ariel is a fellow blog reader and is posting a guest post on her sister’s blog http://hapatite.com about what she received from her Foodie Penpal.

I sent my box to a woman named Jessie who also lives on the east coast. I sent her a mix of homemade goodies, Vermont treats, and California produce. I hope you enjoy the box, Jessie!


I am looking forward to participating again next month and would encourage anyone who is interested to try it out for a month or two. Just because you sign up once, doesn’t mean you have to do it every month! It is a great opportunity for new readers-turned bloggers to get involved in the blogging world! It’s been a great first step for me.

Post one complete – booyah!

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