Foodie Finds!

Okay, I have to admit, I am becoming addicted to my foodie finds. Maybe it’s the holiday shopping fever, maybe it has to do with finally starting my blog, who knows. Regardless, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Cake Boss! Who doesn’t love this show!

The cake boss is in town! Well I guess he is in many towns now, since this display was in my local grocery store! They are $25 and there were two cake design options, I think I prefer the balloons.

So much fun stuff!

Mission Sweet cinnamon and sugar tortilla chips. I must admit I was tempted, but I held back. One day I will come back for you.

The perfect Tortilla bowl molds! I was at Los Agaves (my favorite Mexican restaurant in Santa Barbara) recently and they are now serving some of their dishes in these awesome tortilla bowls. I must have them, only $10.99.

Pie bite press at target for $9.99. I think I am going to have a very hard time trying not to buy a dozen things every time I go into target. I feel like I have to walk the Christmas section every time I go in, so I don’t miss anything. Let me know if you have ever tried something like this, I am very curious.

Bakery boxes in the dollar bins! You can’t really beat that deal. There were several different colors, I grabbed all of the snowflakes ones. It comes with a divider so you can put four cupcakes or different types of cookies in them. Now I have to look for them every time I go dangit!

Show me some of your Foodie Finds!

2 thoughts on “Foodie Finds!

  1. What kind of tasty treats do you have in Santa Barbara? I’d love to see the bowels you talked about. Does Santa Barbara have any distinctive holiday foodie finds? What type of foodie items are you interested in?

  2. Hi FoodiePenPal! Thank you for your comment.

    Next time I go to Los Agaves, I will be sure to post a photo. They use it as a serving bowl for guacamole and other appetizers. It is such a great idea. I have so many more places to explore in Santa Barbara. I am still a newbie, but I am interested to see what holiday food items are a specialty in this area! Personally, I am a sweets fan.

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