November Foodie Pen Pals- Reveal Day!

**Unfortunately, I lost all of my photos for this post. Please continue reading to find out more about the program!**

Wow, sorry for my blatant lack of posting! I was on vacation with my family in Colorado over Thanksgiving and have been stuck at work all week! I have some exciting stuff coming up in December and I can’t wait to do some baking this weekend!

This was my second month participating in the Foodie Pen Pals (FPP) program. This program is about connecting blog readers, writers and foodies! Foodie Pen Pals is organize by Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean. Each month, you sign up and get paired with another blogger or reader. Once the pairings go out, your pen pal emails you to find out what food you like or dislike. Based on their answers, you prepare a box of goodies to send out to them while a different pen pal sends a box of goodies to you. I mean really, who doesn’t love getting surprise packages in the mail! For more information about FPP, click the button below.

The Lean Green Bean

I got a package from Andrea, she is a blog reader from Missouri. She wanted to make sure that I got lots of goodies I would enjoy, so she asked me questions about the foods I like and dislike. I replied with a long and random list of all sorts of stuff, and I couldn’t wait to see what Andrea picked out.

Included in my package was a wonderful hand written note from Andrea explaining her reasons for choosing each item in the box. I think this is one of my favorite parts of the FPP, because I love picking out each item for my pen pal. So I am always curious about why each item was chosen for me.

Andrea sent me Lentil chips. They are so different from anything I have ever tried. Light, crisp and savory with a salty twist.They are all natural with not artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives and no trans fat. If you are looking for a new healthy snack, give these a whirl!

My other favorite items I got this month was Moose munch! This stuff is so addicting! Lastly, a special thank you for sending me some local honey! I will surely enjoy this. Andrea suggested I try a honey buttercream, and I just might take her up on that!

This month, I sent a box to Debbie in Arizona. Debbie is a blogger of Accidentally Delicious.

Debbie enjoys natural and wholesome foods. She is also a big fan of jams! My Foodie Pen Pal did such an awesome job last month that I actually went out and bought some of those same things I got for Debbie! The individual hummus packets are now a staple in my house. I hope you liked the items I picked out Debbie!

Next month, Foodie Pen Pals is raising money for those affected by Hurricane Sandy #FPP4Sandy. Instead of sending a box to another participant, we will be donating the money we would have spent on our packages to a relief fund. If you don’t feel like donating money, there will also be a place where you can send a holiday care package to those who may not be able to celebrate this year. I think this is a fantastic idea and encourage you to get involved! Send me a message or visit Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean.

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