Holiday Foodie Finds

Marshmallows! I honestly am not a huge marshmallow fan, but I can’t resist all the holiday marshmallows. They are perfect for hot chocolate, gingerbread houses, and flavored rice krispies treats! This weeks marshmallows are: French Vanilla, Gingerbread, Peppermint and holiday shapes!

Marshmallows for Foodies

Marshmallows for Foodies

Christmas, more than any holiday, seems to be an excuse for everyday foods to be covered in chocolate. I mean Ritz crackers with chocolate? Come on! I felt like this year there were more flavors of Oreos than I have ever seen before! I couldn’t resist the Mint Fudge Oreos; one because I love mint and two because they are ready to shred! Has anyone ever tried muddy buddies Chex Mix? I resisted the urge to pick a bag of these up, but I absolutely wanted to go home and make some. Lastly, Mrs. Fields chocolate covered cookie dough, because who doesn’t love cookie dough?

Hurry and pick up some of these before the holiday season ends!

Hurry and pick up some of these before the holiday season ends!

Today’s last Foodie Finds are gifts for foodies at Target! Oink talking timer! Also available in the cow version for $9.99. Kitchen Kong, you can never have enough whisks! Kitchen Kong sells for $6.99. Munchstaches. These are candy molds and cookie cutters for $9.99. I see mustaches popping up all over the foodie blogs these days. Lastly, Ninjabread men, Hi-Ya! These awesome cookies cutters sell for $14.99!

Fun gifts for foodies!

Fun gifts for foodies!

5 thoughts on “Holiday Foodie Finds

  1. Ninjabread men will have to be on my shopping list. Ever since I was little when other moms made there kids cupcakes to take to school for birthdays , I always requested Gingerbred people… In January lol 🙂

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