Trader Joe’s Foodie Finds!

This is the last Monday before Christmas; it’s crazy. Well, I guess technically next Monday is the last Monday before Christmas, but I don’t count it as a day I can get something done, I should be finished by then (hopefully). This is one of my favorite weeks of year. I see this week being full of wrapping gifts, baking, baking and some more baking, following by lots of eating! This is, however, the last Monday of Foodie Finds for 2012.

This past week, I stopped in at Trader Joe’s; I don’t know why I don’t go more often. Their food is so affordable, and they are always stocking the shelves with new food items. This week my mission was to see what types of holiday foodie items they had.

Melt in my mouth

Right when my shopping buddy and I walked in the door we were greeted with barrels of Cocoa Drizzle Kettle Corn and Chocolate covered Sea Salt Butterscotch caramels. Chocolate, sea salt, caramel; sold.

Only the necessities

Next it was on to the baking aisle. The Peppermint Bark baking bits were not my foodie find, rather I was on a mission for them after someone posted them on Instagram last week. I resisted the urge to break into the bag right there in the aisle; don’t mind me. Gingerbread coffee, just because you can only have gingerbread for a short time out of the year. This is sort of a crazy concept to me, that we only offer certain foods for limited amount of time, but I guess that’s what makes them special, right? One of my necessity items on my Trader Joe’s shopping list is the whipping cream. I was admittedly a little freaked out at first. It is shelf-stable  whipping cream that you refrigerate before using. I have been using them ever since they introduced this product a couple months ago. They are super cheap, only $1.29, and I don’t have to always run out to the store to buy a huge thing of whipping cream every time I need 2 tablespoons for making ganache. These bad larrys are awesome to have on hand.

That’s a-lotta chocolate right thur

I saved the best for last. Let’s start with the ever so popular Joe Joe’s, which are the Trader Joe’s branded Oreos, and they are delicious. This holiday season, they are dipped in dark chocolate and covered with peppermint; amen! My shopping buddy, Erin, made sure I didn’t leave without seeing the holiday assorted pack of of chocolate dipped Joe Joe’s from the “past and present”. Dark Chocolate Minty Mallows; can we say love at first sight?! I also saw these posted by my friend and fellow lover of cupcakes, Jenn. She told me they were to die for, and she was right! Last item on deck, Dark Chocolate covered Shortbread Cookies. There is just something about foods dipped in dark chocolate that make everything better.

That’s it folks! Foodie Finds will return in 2013! Happy Holidays!

7 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Foodie Finds!

  1. TJ’s is fantastic! I’ve been shopping their for years. Very economical and perfectly portioned! The seasonal items are a quick buy because often times they may not return the following season. So, listen to this foodie buy and store now! TJ’s has never let this ol’ foodie down. Great pics Jules, all of my faves!

  2. From your friend in Vermont (which currently does not have a Trader Joe’s, ba-humbug)- there is a rumor South Burlington may be getting a Trader Joe’s! Until then, I will drool over your photos- salted caramel, yum.

  3. Ahhhh I saw these all tonight. Did you get the kettle corn? I picked up the mallows cuz they didn’t have the salted caramels or popcorn n I’m gluten-free only now. I’m gunna try a dif tJs tomorrow cuz I WANT that Kettle corn!

    • Oh, so gluten-free cupcakes for you? On it! No, I didn’t get the kettle corn, it isn’t my favorite type of popcorn, but I know a few people that are asking for it now, so I probably should go pick some up!

  4. Wooo I got a shout out! Does this mean I’m your hype girl now or something? So sad I missed the cupcakes in the previous post, they look amazing!

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