National Cupcake Day; Hot Chocolate Peppermint Mousse Cupcakes

Tomorrow, December 15th, is National Cupcake Day!!! That has to be the best food holiday ever! This is the one time I wished I lived in a major city, so I could visit all the amazing cupcake stores in one day! Instead, I will celebrate with myself and force my boyfriend to eat cupcakes with me; it shouldn’t be too hard.

I am celebrating National Cupcake Day with Hot Chocolate Peppermint Mousse filled cupcakes with White Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

Hot Chocolate Peppermint Mousse filled cupcakes with White Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream

I am bursting at the seams to make dozens and dozens of holiday cupcakes: so many flavors, so many combinations.  Last weekend, I was playing around with flavored whipped creams, so I decided to create a cupcake based around chocolate and peppermint.

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Easy Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Tis the season, right? Endless cupcake and cookie ideas and only 25 days to try them all! I wanted to share this idea with you because it is so easy to do! It doesn’t require any piping bags or special tips or complicated frosting recipes. Perfect for kids as well!

Easy assembly and it makes for a cute decor!

You start with your favorite cupcake recipe, bake’em and let’em cool. For the Christmas tree cupcakes, it is better to have a cupcake that is a little denser so it can withstand the weight of the frosting and the tree.

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Walmart Foodie Finds

Hi there! It seems like everywhere I go these days I am whipping out my phone for new Foodie Finds! This week, I braved the asiles of Walmart; it took me about two days of preparing. I grew up on Walmarts, not Targets, but since moving out west I have been spoiled by Target. The Walmart in my area is SO crazy that I actually try and avoid it all together.

Walmart Foodie Finds

I did find a few good things there, and their bakery section is larger than any grocery store around, so I guess that is a huge plus. I found some new Snack Packs! This time, it was Apple Pie a la Mode. Has anyone tried this? I love apple pie too much to try it. Candy cane taffy! I am also not a huge taffy fan, but I saw a similar item in Whole Foods a few weeks ago, makes me wonder how popular it is. Candy cane hot chocolate! I bought this to try in with my hot chocolate whipped cream! I had to do it. They had a HUGE display with Hostess donettes and coffee cakes for only $2. My boyfriend loves donettes, and I know, like the rest of Americans, that we ran around to all local grocery stores to stockpile anything we could find after hearing the were going bankrupt. We used as much self control as we could muster, we made it out with only 8 boxes.

Walmart Foodie Finds

I cruised through the “gift section” in the food aisles as well. Of course, there is the standard hot chocolate gift baskets and candy gift baskets, but I figured I would share the oddest one I found and my favorite one. Buffalo wings? Seriously? I guess anything can be made into a gift basket these days. The second basket has cake mix, chocolate truffle cocoa mix, shortbread cookies and Nutella-to-go. I LOVE Nutella. I thought this would make a cute gift for a baker.

Is anyone finding anything good out there I should check out? Let me know!

Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream

Homemade whipped cream has to be one of the tastiest, easiest additions to any dessert. This holiday season, I find myself experimenting with all different flavors of whipped cream. I wanted to share this one with you since the season of hot chocolate is upon us and it is a twist on your normal chocolate whipped cream! It makes a great cupcake filling too!

Whipped Chocolaty goodness

Whipped Chocolaty goodness

Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream
Makes about 2 cups

1 C heavy whipping cream

½ C hot chocolate mix

Place metal bowl and whisk in freezer for about 15 minutes so they are good and cold. Pour heavy whipping cream into mixing bowl and beat on high for 2 minutes. Add hot cocoa mix and continue to beat until stiff peaks form. Keep Refrigerated.

The type of hot chocolate you use will affect the taste. For a richer, dark chocolate taste, I recommend Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Hot Cocoa mix. I also tried this with Swiss Mix hot chocolate packets. I used 3 packets, which equaled ½ C. The Swiss Mix version was equally as good, especially if you prefer the taste of Swiss Mix hot chocolate.

You can also mix it up with some peppermint extract or a different flavor of you choice, which I will be sharing next week! It makes a great filling or alternative frosting for cupcakes and other desserts!

I am entering this Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream recipe in the Creative Holiday Recipe Contest hosted by Confessions of a Cookbook Queen and Cookies and Cups! Check it out!

Here is an idea for you to use hot chocolate whipped cream for! Click here for Hot Chocolate Peppermint Cupcakes.

Early Christmas for Beyond Frosting! Silhouette Cameo

This year, I took advantage of one black Friday deal, and got myself (and by myself, I mean I picked it out and my boyfriend got it for me for Christmas! Isn’t he the best?) a Silhoutte Cameo cutting for cutting paper, die cuts, fabrics and all sorts of awesome things! Silhouette must have partnered with a few top food bloggers to offer a week long deal, I purchased mine through Kristan of Confession of a Cookbook Queen, I have a total foodie crush on her and her talents!  If anyone else has one of these, please share your thoughts or tips in the comments section. I can’t wait to set this up and start making custom cupcake wrappers and toppers!  20121205-083633.jpg

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