Out and About Foodie Finds

Foodie Find time! One of my favorite days of the week.

I have been out and about lately; window shopping mostly, trying to keep my wallet closed. It is only partially working. I love walking through William Sonoma, they have the best stuff, it was hard to choose just a few to share. The egg-design molds are one of those “when will I ever use these” type items, but sometimes you can’t resist. The mini measuring cup is flexible, so you can measure and squeeze as you pour the liquid out; pretty smart if you ask me! It measures up to 4 tablespoons. Lastly, their oh-so-cute polka dot mini butter knives. I want them all, and in about a dozen more colors. LOVE!

William Sonoma has got it going on!

Ah Target, you have done it again. They just released some of their spring kitchen collection. Along with classy wooden utensils, cutting boards and colorful kitchen towels, there are these adorable jars that make me want to re-do my kitchen! They are light bluish and orangey-red. The small jars on top are $8.99 and do not come with lids. The larger jars in the bottom left range in price from $14.99-17.99 and the cookie jar is $22.99. Can someone tell me how long is considered acceptable for you to buy and store items for your future home? Just asking.

Cute upon cute upon cute

Last up today, I will hit you with some salty foods. Trader Joes Olive Oil Popcorn was all over the store this week. It is AH-mazing. Thank you TJs. Next up are these  bean and rice chips, which I was skeptical of at first. To my pleasant surprise, I couldn’t stop eating them, they were not at all as weird as I thought they would be. They’re going on my shopping list next time I hit up Whole Foods. Lastly, I am still eyeing some chocolate covered popcorn; I guess my holiday sweet tooth isn’t gone yet. Dark fudge kettle corn and white and dark chocolate kettle corn. Keep walking Julianne, keep walking.

Salty goodness

I have been on a road trip these past few days, eating and eating and more eating. I’m stuffed for days. Anyone seen my olive oil popcorn? I swear I had another bag.

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