Poppable Cake Batter Bites

Prepare for cake batter bliss

Good things come in small packages. Mini cupcakes are no exception. I think there is a guilt-less factor in eating mini cupcakes; at least until you get to the 4th or 5th one.

I have seen tons of businesses built around mini cupcakes, which are usually so gorgeous. I LOVE mini cupcakes, but they have their challenges. They are easy to over bake and limit your decorating options, plus I think they take a little bit more work because there are more of them.

I wanted to try something different with these minis. First, I baked them without a liner, then I dipped them in white chocolate, rolled them in sprinkles and topped them off with cake batter frosting. My friends inhaled them by the handfuls.

Adorable little things aren’t they?

You can do this with any flavor of cupcake and colored sprinkles, but I chose pink, red and white since Valentines Day is coming up! First things first, bake yourself some mini cupcakes (without the liners) and be sure to grease your pan. You can check my previous post for tips on cupcake baking.

Next, get yourself some candy melts or chocolate chips. I use a Microwave to melt them. You can do this with a melting pot too, but because you don’t need much chocolate for this, a melting pot might not be deep enough for you to dunk your cupcake in. I used half a bag of candy melts and about 2 tbsp of Crisco.

Mix Candy Melts with Crisco

The Crisco helps to thin out the chocolate to a nice consistency for dipping. I melt the chocolate together with the Crisco in 30-second intervals. You can continue to add Crisco until you reach your desired thickness; just make sure to stir very well.

You want a nice thin consistency

Start by grabbing a fork or toothpick to hold your mini cupcake, dip edges in your melted chocolate, then gently tap off the excess chocolate; you don’t need that much.

Dip those babies in there!

Don’t eat’em yet!

Proceed to roll your minis in the sprinkles.

Dunk’em again!

My sprinkles are a mix of pink and white nonpareils and red and white sanding sugar crystals. Nonpareils sprinkles are my favorite; you can buy them in single colors at a cake supply store or online.

Bring on the sprinkles

Your candy coating will harden, kind of like a donut. Finish them by topping off your mini with a batch of cake batter frosting.

Cake Batter Frosting
A small batch makes enough to frost 24 minis. If you are making this for regular sized cupcakes, I suggest to tripling this recipe; running out of frosting is the worst! Recipe adapted from Yourcupofcake.com

1/4 C Butter at room temperature

1/2 C Cream cheese at room temperature

1 tsp Milk

1 tsp Vanilla

1/4 C Vanilla cake mix

2 C Powdered Sugar

2 tbsp Sprinkles

  • Cream together butter and cream cheese until smooth.
  • Add vanilla and milk and beat until well mixed
  • First add vanilla cake and proceed to slowly add powdered sugar, beating until well combined
  • Fold in 2 tbsp of your favorite sprinkles with a spatula.

These cupcake bites are a guaranteed crowd pleaser! I normally cannot handle cake batter flavored items, because it is too much sweetness for me. I think the cream cheese in the frosting is a very nice balance on the sweetness. Best enjoyed in small doses!

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