Dessert Nachos for Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo Dessert

Do you like easy to make desserts that will impress your friends? I thought so! I made these dessert nachos last weekend and then proceeded to each half of them by myself.

I first saw dessert nachos when I was in high school. I was visiting one of my friends in Hawaii and we went to dinner before I had to board my long flight back to Vermont. Her mom asked if anyone wanted dessert, and everyone, except my friend passed on the idea. She ordered a massive plate of dessert nachos. When they showed up at the table, she literally would not share, declaring that anyone could order their own plate if they wanted some. She turned to me and said, “You have known me since kindergarten; you know I don’t share my food. I love you, but buzz off”. Despite this betrayal, she is still one my best friends, but guess what, I am NOT sharing these dessert nachos with her! XO.

Cinco de Mayo Desserts

Here’s the scoop. You need some cinnamons sugar chips, your favorite fruits, some chocolate and caramel sauces, ice cream and whipped cream to top it off. Seriously, you can put this together in 10 minutes. With Cinco de Mayo quickly approaching, I thought you might need something fun to add to your party!

Cinco de Mayo Desserts

Dessert Nachos

1 bag Cinnamon sugar chips

1 Banana

1 box Strawberries

Chocolate sauce for drizzling

Caramel sauce for drizzling

2 scoops Vanilla Ice cream

1 can Whipped cream

Cinco de Mayo Desserts

You should be able to find cinnamon sugar chips in your local grocery store in the chip aisle! Start by layering your chips and fruit on your plate. Drizzle excessive amounts of chocolate and caramel on top of your fruit. Top your nachos off with a few generous sized scoops of ice cream and whipped cream.

The best thing about this dessert, you can add any ingredients you want! I wasn’t kidding when I said I ate half the plate.

Cinco de Mayo Desserts

Cindo De Mayo Desserts

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