Foodie Finds at Target

Tonight when I was shopping at Target (and by shopping I mean wandering around wasting time I don’t have), I found some awesome foodie gifts in the Christmas section. Yes, I am shopping in the Christmas section, let’s move on.

Awesome foodie finds at Target

Fondue for 2, how cute! Could make for a fun date night or small dinner party! These are also only $9.99 each.

Awesome plastic cake stands! The smallest one is only $5.99, middle size $6.99 and large $9.99. They are bright and super cute. At this affordable price, it’s worth it.

Individual cast iron skillet with cookie mix! Only $9.99! There are three flavors: snickerdoodle, chocolate chip and chocolate chip oatmeal. What an awesome gift for your foodie friend. Feel free to send me one, or six.

Awesome foodie finds at Target!

It’s not a trip to target without shopping the dollar bins and the bakery aisle to find out what’s on sale. Today I spotted a few awesome things.

New Stackable Marshmallow squares. I mean honestly, how on earth is it almost 2013 and they are just coming out with this product now? How long have we been making S’mores? I hope the person who came up with that got a fat pay raise.

Snack Pack Bakery Shop Pudding, $1. Ok, I didn’t buy this, but I wanted to. Just the flavor name was enough to catch my eye. Let me know if you try it!

Holiday sprinkles in the $1 bin. Awesome deal, I bought three different ones. I love collecting sprinkles as much as I love collecting cupcake liners. Sometimes I don’t feel it’s justified to spend $5 on a single color of sprinkles for one project. I love when I find small containers of sprinkles for affordable prices, let’s face it, you have exactly 25 days a year to use Christmas-themed sprinkles.

That all for now folks. Let me know if you have any good foodie finds! of your own to share