Six Month Blog-iversary

Is it kosher to throw yourself a party? Today is my 6-month blog-iversary and I could not be more excited about where I am. Getting back in the kitchen has opened up a world of creativity for me, something that I felt I had been lacking since college. Mostly, it has been a stress reliever from my everyday demanding, busy, work life.

I love being in the kitchen and creating desserts for others to enjoy. It was tough over the winter to keep up with snowboarding, work, blogging and traveling but I enjoyed the challenge (most of the time!). I have picked up many books and thumbed through numerous blog posts to help improve my skills. I am so thankful for the guidance I have found through some of the blogs that I follow. There are some amazing and talented folks out there.

Blogging is a full time job in and of itself. Through Beyond Frosting, I have pushed myself to really understand the ins and outs of social media and how they relate to my blog. I have avoided Twitter for years, and finally signed up for an account a couple of months ago. There are days when I don’t have time to open Twitter until I am in bed, and catching up on a days worth of tweets is crazy. It is one of the many ways in which I have come to find new blogs, delicious recipes and seen how relationships can grow without ever meeting a person face to face. Are you on Twitter? Come by and say hi @beyondfrosting.

If I can take a moment to reflect on my accomplishments over the past 6 months, I am happy to see my photography improving and having my submissions accepted to websites like Foodgawker and Tastespotting. I am overjoyed to see my cupcakes appear on various “best of” websites. I am still learning the power of Pinterest, but it is amazing to see what kind of traffic it drives to a blog. It motivates me to continue to push myself in new directions, trying new things and creating desserts to call my own.

The next 6 months looks to be pretty exciting for me. One of my goals for this year was to partner with a brand, and I am excited to announce that I will begin a blogging/brand ambassador partnership this May; stayed tuned! I am traveling to Austin to attend the Blogher Food conference in June, and I hope to meet a few of the faces behind the blogs that I look forward to reading everyday. I am also catering a HUGE wedding this summer with upwards of 300 cupcakes! Mostly, I look forward to continuing to bring creativity from my kitchen to my blog and using my blog as an excuse to consume more cupcakes than I can count. Thanks for reading! Make sure to come back tomorrow for French Toast Poke Cake!

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Here are the top five more popular posts from the past 6 months. Apparently, you all like whipepd cream.

1. Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream

2. Cake Batter Whipped Cream

3. Ghirardelli and Chocolate Strawberries Cupcake

4. Mocha Irish Cream Cupcakes for Two

5. Triple Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes

My personal, favorite creation was Cabury Cookie Brittle

My first post to be accepted to Foodgawker was:
Coconut White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cupcakes 

Dessert Nachos for Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo Dessert

Do you like easy to make desserts that will impress your friends? I thought so! I made these dessert nachos last weekend and then proceeded to each half of them by myself.

I first saw dessert nachos when I was in high school. I was visiting one of my friends in Hawaii and we went to dinner before I had to board my long flight back to Vermont. Her mom asked if anyone wanted dessert, and everyone, except my friend passed on the idea. She ordered a massive plate of dessert nachos. When they showed up at the table, she literally would not share, declaring that anyone could order their own plate if they wanted some. She turned to me and said, “You have known me since kindergarten; you know I don’t share my food. I love you, but buzz off”. Despite this betrayal, she is still one my best friends, but guess what, I am NOT sharing these dessert nachos with her! XO.

Cinco de Mayo Desserts

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Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting

This post is long over due, as someone’s birthday (not mine) was a little over a month and a half ago. This someone shall remain nameless, but if you follow my blog, you probably know who I am talking about; he hates his birthday. Whatever. He did however request a mini cake, which I was really excited about because it gave me an excuse to buy 6” cake pans!

He also specifically requested chocolate cake from the Ghirardelli Cookbook, which I was really excited about. The first cake we baked together was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting; this boy has a major crush on chocolate cake.

While I adore the small size of this cake, I am going to tell you honestly that I am not a fan of the actual cake recipe; therefore, I am not going to share it here today. Maybe it was too rich for me, maybe I over baked it or maybe the small pan size caused the cake to be too dry. Continue reading

Easter Recipe Roundup

Oh my gosh, it’s almost April! The weather is turning warmer, the snowboard season is quickly ending and Easter is this Sunday. Crazy! I have really enjoyed seeing all the creative Easter recipes floating around from my fellow food bloggers and on Pinterest! I pulled together a few of my own Easter recipes plus some recipes from some of my favorite bloggers below.

Cadbury Cookie Brittle
This was perhaps my new favorite treat. It is a soft cookie base with melted Cabdury Eggs on top. It is covered in crushed Cabury Mini Eggs and vanilla frosting.

Easter Dirt Cups
I love these little vanilla mousse cups with crushed Golden Oreos. This is very easy to throw together!

White Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes
White chocolate cupcakes will give any funfetti or chocolate cupcake a run for it’s money. The touch of coconut and cream cheese frosting make this a perfect spring time treat!


For the past two weeks I have been itching to make cheesecakes. Cheesecake is my favorite dessert, but I will admit that I really have no idea how to make a good cheesecake at home. I have read tons of articles about cheesecakes cracking being totally ruined and it has intimidated me every since.

 This past week I began seeing cheesecake recipes pop up all over the place and it inspired me to try some mini cheesecakes in my cupcake pan. The recipe I tried is from Ali at Gimme Some Oven. I absolutely loved the photography from her post and it inspired me to try making my own! I decided that I need to own a mini cheesecake pan, immediately! While I am pleased with the results, I think I need to make a few more cheesecakes to get some practice. Here are some other amazing cheesecake recipes that I have seen recently!

Mini Key Lime Cupcakes with Animal Cracker Crust from Lauren at Climbing Grier Mountain

Mini Churro Cheesecakes from Shelly at Cookies and Cups

Malt Ball Cheesecakes from Aimee at Shugary Sweets

I am so impressed at the endless creativity from other bloggers and these are just a few of my favorite Easter inspired desserts from around the web:

Party Peeps Eclair Cake Cups from Jocelyn at Inside Brucrew Life

Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls from Sally at Sally’s Baking Addiction

Shabby Chic Easter Cupcakes from Kristan at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

Carrot Cake Monkey Bread from Ashton at Something Swanky

Peanut Butter Cadbury Mini Egg Muffins from Dorothy at Crazy for Crust

Easter Egg Magic Gooey Bars from Stephanie at Back for Seconds Blog

Peeps Infused Vodka from Nicole at Baking Bites

I hope everyone has a great weekend full of Cadbury Mini Eggs! I know I am stocking up!

This and That

This weekend was a busy one for me. Normally, I would be snowboarding (sigh). This season has been rough. Although we aren’t suffering from the same lack of snow as we were last year, it isn’t exactly dumping a foot of snow every week either. I have managed to get 24 days in so far, but it’t nothing compared to last years 49 days. As spring gets closer, I feel less inclined to spend 6 hours in the car each weekend. Work, travel and cupcakes have heavily effected my riding this year, but it’s a good thing too!

Launching my blog at the end of October has allowed me to rediscover my creative juices and I love to dedicate as much time as I can to it. It allows me to make things like this:

This is a birthday cake for my boyfriend’s sister. Today is her birthday (yeah! Happy Birthday!). I love when I have an excuse to try recipes from my favorite food bloggers. This is the “Perfect White Cake” from the I am Baker blog. I have been dying to try this recipe because it’s so difficult to find a good white cake. This one IS the perfect white cake! Amanda creates gorgeous desserts.  It is topped off with “Creamy Nutella Frosting” from Sally’s Baking Addiction. Sally loves her Nutella and she has done right by her readers with this one. This frosting is one of the smoothest frostings I have ever had!

This weekend, I made these:

A friend of mine asked me to make some layered cupcake jars for her friend that just had a baby boy. I wish that cupcakes shipped better, but I do love making these cakes in a jar. I LOVE desserts in jars. This project was so fun because it also gave me an excuse to use my Silhouette Cameo and some bakers twine. Halfway through I ran out of rainbow sprinkles, but it turns out that I have so many colors of non-pariels that I could make my own rainbow sprinkles!

While I was shopping for the above jars, I spotted this 3 tier dessert stand from World Market. I all but danced in the store when I saw it. I have been looking high and low for an antique white wire cupcake stand. This was only $20 and I bought two. I wanted all six though. It will be perfect for my friend’s wedding this summer!

My boyfriend dad recently found these Cookie Chips at Vons. They are sweet like cookies but crunchy like chips. I was intrigued. Now I am addicted. I literally had to contain myself from shoveling them in my mouth. The Salted Peanut Butter flavor was my favorite.

One of things I love about spending the weekend at home (besides staying in bed past 7am) is spending the time to make good food. The past two Sunday nights have been mini burgers and baked potatoes. I am finally warming up to this time change, grilling at 6pm in the sun is fantastic. I like to coat the outsides of my potatoes in olive oil and sea salt, just because.

Last week, perhaps one of the most exciting happens since launching my blog. The above White Chocolate Coconut Cupcakes were accepted and posted on Foodgawker. After dozens and dozens of rejects, I opened my email, expecting another, and I reread the email three times before running to find my boyfriend to make him verify that I was reading it correctly. I have had several photos accepted on Tastespotting and each time is equally exciting. However, getting something accepted on Foodgawker was a pretty awesome feeling for a little blogger like myself. I am currently shooting everything with a Canon point and shoot camera, nothing fancy. As soon as my tax return is here, I am buying a Canon Rebel T3i and I am currently checking my mailbox everyday.

A few more tidbits to leave you with:

There is less than one week till Easter, which translates into about 7 or 8 more days to eat as many Cadbury Mini Eggs as I can.

This week my boyfriend and his dad installed a new flat screen in the living room, while I baked cupcakes. I was a huge help (not). I love it though because I can swivel the TV to the kitchen and watch it while I bake!

And finally, I just learned that the brand new Whole Foods which is opening about a 1/4 mile from my house is opening in June. Although it isn’t the “spring 2013” opening they were advertising, at least I have a time frame and I couldn’t be more excited. Also, there’s a Menchie’s across the street from it. Booyah!