DIY Wedding Cupcakes for 300 people

DIY Wedding cupcakes

After months and months of planning the wedding is finally over. I have been kinds of obsessing about this since my friend Leigh Ann asked me to make the cupcakes for her wedding. We did several rounds of tastings, built a Pinterest board , and spent several months deciding on the menu.

The wedding presented me with a few challenges. First of all, it was 6 hours away from my house, it was an outdoor wedding and there were going to be upwards of 300 guests. I was trying to design the dessert table on a budget. For my first wedding project, it was a big one. Staying organized and planning ahead was key.

DIY Wedding cupcakes vintage

Leigh Ann chose four cupcake favors, two flavors of truffles, and a small gluten free cake. I first started by making a very simple cost sheet in excel where I detailed out my ingredients to determine the cost of each cupcake and what I needed to charge her in order to cover miscellaneous expenses. I saved costs by designing cupcakes that shared ingredients I could buy in bulk. I did a lot of shopping around to compare prices and took advantage of sales on ingredients that wouldn’t spoil in advance. I wrote a very detailed shopping plan.  I needed a lot of cupcake boxes of this event. The best deal I found was from here. For the cupcake liners, I also purchased them in bulk from Baker’s Stock. Continue reading

Cupcake Camp Conejo Valley Event Recap!

Whew! This weekend flew by!! If you follow me on FacebookInstagram or Twitter, you were probably sick of hearing about all the baking I was doing! I spent all day Saturday baking 170 cupcakes for the 2nd Annual Cupcake Camp Conejo Valley hosted by Cupcakes for Cancer. The event was held at the Westlake Village Inn in Westlake, California. This was my first year participating, and as such, my level of excitement was competing with my level of nerves.

Cupcakes for Cancer

It took me several weeks of baking to determine which cupcake I wanted to make, and this would be the largest batch of baking I have ever done. I decided on Triple Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes! They were a HUGE hit and I got rid of every last one (if you include the 6 I gave to my neighbor because she was so awesome)! Be sure to come back tomorrow, I am going to share the recipe with you!

Cupcakes for Cancer

Tower of Cupcakes

I was instantly overwhelmed by the numbers of cupcakes, variety of flavors and level of effort put into the event. I am not sure how it breaks down, but I was told there were 60 bakers showcasing their creations including professionals, amateurs and youth bakers. I estimated there was at least 1000 people in attendance, but I am sure there were more!

Cupcakes for Cancer

Blakely Colvin and her sister-in-law Asia. Blakely is the founder of Cupcakes for Cancer

A huge thank you to Blakely and her mother, Stephanie for organizing such a massive event! I would also like to thank all my friends and my boyfriend and his family who helped me prepare for the event and to those who came out to the event to taste some cupcakes!  For me, this was my first public appearance since I started Beyond Frosting. Continue reading

Cupcake Research- Tips for bakers!

Soooooo I have been doing some baking…. lots of baking. I noticed something about my baking habits, I much prefer chocolate over vanilla cupcakes, all day long. Over the weekend, I wanted to try something new. I am constantly looking for a new quick and easy vanilla cupcake. My first batch didn’t produce the results I was looking for,so i made another, and another.

The more and more baking I do, I learn that size, baking time and measuring batter is especially important. I wanted to give you an overview and comparison of some different sizes of cupcakes shown below.I am by no means an expert or trained professional, but I do a lot of baking, mostly cupcakes. I thought this was useful information for me to know and so I thought you might enjoy it as well.

You might need some pans

First I started with my new jumbo cupcake pan. My dad used to make muffins in a jumbo pan; like seriously, he never made regular size muffins. It’s been awhile since I used one and I definitely needed some more work. I love the idea of a jumbo cupcake because I think of it like a mini cake. I wasn’t sure how much batter to use, so I did some testing.

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Easy Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Tis the season, right? Endless cupcake and cookie ideas and only 25 days to try them all! I wanted to share this idea with you because it is so easy to do! It doesn’t require any piping bags or special tips or complicated frosting recipes. Perfect for kids as well!

Easy assembly and it makes for a cute decor!

You start with your favorite cupcake recipe, bake’em and let’em cool. For the Christmas tree cupcakes, it is better to have a cupcake that is a little denser so it can withstand the weight of the frosting and the tree.

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Fall Cupcake Tasting Party

As my passion for cupcakes grew, so did my love for desert tables. I asked a friend of mine to gather a group of ladies together for a cupcake tasting party. The goal of my party was to offer my cupcakes to a new audience and get feedback on my flavors. For a month and a half I planned a menu, bought lots of decorations and baked and baked and baked some more. The hardest part for me was deciding what flavors to make!

Fall dessert table by Beyond Frosting

Since I had chosen six flavors, I knew I was in for a lot of work. I did as much as I could the day before the party. I did all my baking, and prepped some of the appetizers. I had very detailed design plans for each cupcake, including photos for inspiration, a list of materials needed and a decoration plan. I tried to stay as organized as possible. The day of the party was so exciting; I managed to stay pretty calm, up until about two hours before it started.

Here are the flavors I chose:

Biscoff Cookie Bliss: Vanilla cupcake with Biscoff cookie dough center topped with Biscoff buttercream and caramel drizzle

Biscoff Cookie Bliss cupcake with caramel drizzle

Oh My Apple Pie:Vanilla cupcake with fresh apple pie filling topped with cinnamon Swiss meringue buttercream. I made these two ways, both in the cupcake form and as to-go in jars!

Oh My Apple Pie cupcake

Oh My Apple Pie cupcakes in a jar

Pumpkin Up the Jam: Pumpkin cupcake with pumpkin mousse filling topped with cinnamon Swiss meringue buttercream

Pumpkin cupcakes with Fondant toppers

Triple Chocolate Brownie: Chocolate cupcake with chocolate ganache filling, brownie batter frosting and topped with chunks of brownies and more ganache

Triple Chocolate Brownie cupcake

Chocolate Raspberry Dream: Chocolate cupcake with fresh raspberry filling, topped with chocolate mousse, a mini chocolate cupcake and more fresh raspberries

Chocolate Raspberry Dream cupcake

Red Velvet: Red velvet cupcake with white chocolate ganache filling, topped with cream cheese frosting

Red Velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting

For my table decorations, I had to be creative, since I did not want to invest too much money in elaborate food displays.  I knew it was important to have a variety of levels to display my cupcakes. I wrapped boxes in brown craft paper, burlap and lace. I really loved the way the boxes turned out. I got some mini pumpkins and wrapped them in ribbons to use as fillers on the table. I originally saw the idea on Good Housekeeping. I just think they are so stinking cute.

Fall dessert table

I purchased four square plates, which held nine cupcakes each. I lined each plate with a colored piece of paper. This is a tip I learned from the Amy Atlas blog, (if you like party planning, I highly recommend following her blog).  I also purchased the black cupcake stand at Target and the glass dessert tray from Ikea. I shopped for inexpensive decorations in the dollar section at Target as well. I am very happy with my purchases because I know I will use them again!

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